Hillman Workshop Manual
Minx Series I-IIIb,
Husky/Commer Cob Series I-II

This manual has 357 pages. Chapter:  Tables; Page: Tables-1

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Fahrenheit & Centigrade Fractions of an Inch in decimals and millimetres Screw Threads Inches to Centimeters Feet to Metres Square inches to square centimetres Cubic inches to cubic centimetres Pounds to Kilograms Centimetres to Inches Metres to Feet Square Centimetres to square Inches Cubic Centimetres to Cubic Inches Kilograms to Pounds Pounds per square inch to Kilograms per square centimetre Foot Pounds to Kilogrammetres Miles to Kilometres Gallons (Imperial) to Litres Pints to Litres Kilograms per square centimetre to Pounds per square inch Kilogrammetres to Foot Pounds Kilometres to Miles Litres to Gallons (Imperial) Litres to Pints Miles per Gallon (Imperial) to Litres per 100 Kilometres Litres per 100 Kilometres to Miles per Gallon Wire Gauges
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