Hillman Workshop Manual
Minx Series I-IIIb,
Husky/Commer Cob Series I-II

This manual has 357 pages. Chapter:  F; Page: F-001

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General Description Tools & Appliances Preparation of Vehicle Front Wheel Toe-In - to check Setting of Outer Track Rods Ackerman Angles (toe-out on turn) - to check Wheel Lock Anges - to Adjust Castor, Camber & King Pin inclination angles - to Check Camber Angle - to Adjust Ball pin heights of drop arm, relay lever & steering arms - to check To Remove & Refit Unit Crossmember Details To Dismantle & Reassemble Unit To Dismantle & Reassemble front hubs Front Hubs - to adjust Stubs Axles - to Remove & Refit Stub axle upper swivel Assy. - to Remove from Upper Link Swivel pin bush - to Renew Trunnion threaded eyebolt bush - to Renew Service Replacement swivel pins - to Remove & Replace Top Link - to Remove & Refit Bottom Link - to Remove & Refit Front road spring - to Remove & Refit To check in position Particulars
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