Hillman Workshop Manual
Minx Series I-IIIb,
Husky/Commer Cob Series I-II

This manual has 357 pages. Chapter:  B; Page: B-001

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Compression Pressures Compression Ratios Decarbonisation Engine - to Remove Engine - to Refit Camshaft - to Remove & Refit Camshaft Bearings - to Remove & Refit Timing Cover - to Remove & Refit Timing Wheels & Chain - to Remove & Refit Crankshaft - to Remove Crankshaft - to Refit Big-ends -- differences Cylinder Block - to rebore & fit new pistons Cylinder Liners - to fit Cylinder Liners - to Renew Piston & Connecting Rod Assemblies - Remove Piston & Connecting Rod Assemblies - to Dismantle Piston & Connecting Rod Assemblies - to Assemble Piston & Connecting Rod Assemblies - to Refit Piston Rings - Details & Fitting Matching Pistons to Cylinders Cylinder Head - General Cylinder Head - to Remove Cylinder Head - to Refit Inlet & Exhaust Manifold - to Remove Inlet & Exhaust Manifold  - to Refit Distributor - to Remove & Refit Generator - to adjust belt tension Ignition Timing & Distributor Ignition - to Time Flywheel - to Remove & Refit Flywheel Centre Bearing - to Remove & Refit Starter Ring Gear - To Renew General Description Full Flow Filter - Description Full Flow Filter - to Renew Element Crankcase dilution Oil Pressure Reasons for Low Pressure Oil Pressure Relief Valve Oil Pump - to Remove Oil Pump - to Dismantle Oil Pump - to Refit Oil Pump - to clean Intake Filter Oil Sump - to Remove & Refit Examination of Valves, Springs, Guides, etc. Push Rods - to Remove & Refit Valve Rocker Adjustment Rocker Cover - to Remove & Refit Rocker Shaft Assemblies - to Remove Rocker Shaft Assemblies - to Dismantle Rocker Shaft Assemblies - to Reassemble Rocker Shaft Assemblies - to Refit Tappets - to Remove Valves - to Remove & Refit Valves - to Grind in Valves - to Reface Valve Guides - to Renew Valve Seatings - to Recut Exhaust Valve Seat Inserts
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Al Savage

I have "glued" together pages B1, B2, & B2 to provide one easy-to-use Table of Contents for this chapter, where the original had it spread across three pages.

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