Hillman Workshop Manual
Minx Series I-IIIb,
Husky/Commer Cob Series I-II

This manual has 357 pages. Chapter:  0; Page: 0-009

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Minx Brakes Minx Capacities Minx Cooling System Minx Dimensions Minx Camshaft Minx Connecting Rod Minx Crankshaft Minx Cylinder Block Minx Cylinder Head Minx Flywheel Minx General Minx Gudgeon Pin Minx Performance Minx Piston Minx Table: road speed to engine speed Husky Table: road speed to engine speed Minx Valves Husky Valves Husky Piston Husky Performance Husky Gudgeon Pin Husky General Husky Flywheel Husky Cylinder Head Husky Cylinder Block Husky Crankshaft Husky Connecting Rod Husky Camshaft Minx Battery Minx Clock Minx Coil Minx Distributor Minx Generator Minx Lamp Bulbs Husky Battery Husky Coil Husky Distributor Husky Generator Husky Lamp Bulbs Husky Brakes Husky Capacities Husky Cooling System Husky Dimensions Minx Lighting Minx Other Equipment Minx Starter Husky Lighting Husky Other Equipment Husky Starter Minx Fuel Pump Minx Carburettor Husky Fuel Pump Husky Carburettor Minx Fuel Tank Husky Fuel Tank Minx Ignition System Husky Ignition System Minx Lubrication System Husky Lubrication System Minx Steering Husky Steering Minx Front Minx Rear Minx Shock Absorbers Husky Front Husky Rear Husky Shock Absorbers Minx Clutch Minx Gearbox Minx Overall Ratios Minx Propeller Shaft Minx Rear Axle Husky Clutch Husky Gearbox Husky Overall Ratios Husky Propeller Shaft Husky Rear Axle Minx Weights Husky Weights Minx Wheels & Tyres Husky Wheels & Tyres
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