Hillman Workshop Manual
Minx Mark III-V

This manual has 316 pages. Chapter:  C; Page: C-001 Huge-sized version (625.6k)

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Carburettor - to Remove & Refit Carburettor - the Bi-Starter Carburettor - idling Carburettor - Main Jet Carburettor - to Clean the carburettor Carburettor - to Dismantle the carburettor Carburettor - to test needle valve Carburettor - to adjust carburettor Carburettor - Fault Diagnosis Inlet Manifold Drain Pipe Inlet Manifold Drain Pipe - to clean & check manifold drain pipe Fuel Pump Operation Fuel Pump - to clean fuel pump filter Fuel Pump - to test fuel pump in situ Fuel Pump - to remove fuel pump Fuel Pump - to Dismantle fuel pump Fuel Pump - inspection of parts Fuel Pump - to reassemble fuel pump Fuel Pump - to test fuel pump after reassembly Fuel Pump - to Refit fuel pump Air Cleaner & Silencer Air Cleaner - to clean & re-oil Fuel Tank & Fuel Gauge Tank Unit Fuel Tank - to Remove & Refit
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