Hillman Workshop Manual
Minx Mark III-V

This manual has 316 pages. Chapter:  A; Page: A-001 Huge-sized version (173.3k)

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Frost Precautions Cleansing the Cooling System Radiator - to Remove & Refit Radiator - Relief Valve Thermostat (Mk IV & Mk V) - heating & demisting installation Thermostat (Mk IV & Mk V) - to Remove & Refit Cooling System Capacities Water Pump - to Remove & Refit Water Pump - to Dismantle Water Pump  - to Reassemble Water Trough - to Remove Water Trough - to Refit Thermometer
User Remarks
Restauring a Minx 1951


I am attempting to restore a 52 hillman minx convertible. It's completely disassembled. Except drive train. Needs a lot of frame fabrication. I didn't disassemble, I purchased it in boxes. It will be a challenge I'm sure.

Found any sources for parts? Or help?

I've a lead on

My email is eric.canada.35@gmail.com

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