12-Mar-01 These cars are gone; no idea if they were sold or crushed or what.

08-Sep-99  ALS

Hillman Minx available in Bellingham, Washington.  Guide-Meridian Rd, about two miles north of Wal-Mart on the east side of the street.  Contact name is "Bao Lee" (pronounced like "taking a bow").  Phone is 360.398.7239.  How much he wants for it is up in the air.  I've been driving by this rig for at least six months.  It looks rather sad.  Looks like another Doug Bragg project to me!

Note that there does not appear to be the usual front fender rot-through.  I did not look closely for bubbling or previous bodywork.  Obviously, the right wing would need much work.  Actually, they're not impossible to replace entirely, if you can find a good donor fender.

GuideMinx: better engine shot
Minx-4 Minx-5 Minx-6

Now, for Roland, here are some pics of the Austin that is next to the Minx.
Austin-1 Austin-2 Austin-4 Austin-5 Austin-6 Austin-7